Q: What type of dental insurance do you accept at your office? 

A: Here at Dental Associates, we attempt to accommodate all of the patients in their dental needs. By doing so, we accept most of the major dental insurance carriers including, but not limited to: Blue Cross Blue Shield, Delta Premier, Delta Preferred, Aetna PPO, Cigna PPO, and MetLife. 

Q: How much does my dental insurance cover for my dental treatment?

A: All dental insurance carriers are comprised of varying levels of coverage depending on the benefit plan and employer. Dental treatment is categorized according to the type of dentistry that is rendered. For example, cleanings are considered "Preventative" care, whereas fillings are considered "Restorative" treatment. Typically, insurance plans cover these types of dentistry at different amounts according to the level of dentistry it falls into. It is in your best interest to call your dental insurance carrier and formally review your annual benefits prior to your dental visit for a better understanding of what treatments are covered benefits. For extensive treatment plans, a Pre-Authorization is sent to your insurance company to provide you with an estimate of covered costs.

Q: What happens when I cannot make my scheduled appointment?

A: Our automated confirmation system sends text messages and/or emails one week, and two days prior to your dental visit as a courtesy to our patients. In the event you cannot be at your scheduled appointment, we require a phone call cancellation 24 hours prior to your appointment time. We do understand that unexpected situations occur, and sometimes you are not able to give notice in advance. A missed appointment is excused for the first occurrence. A charge will be assessed if a second appointment within the same calendar year is missed without proper cancellation notice.

Q: What should I bring to my first appointment?

A: Bring your dental insurance card and any recent x-rays that you may have had taken at your previous dentist office. Also, you will have to fill out some paperwork at this first visit. To speed things along, print the forms posted on our First Visit page and have them filled out before you arrive.